Camaleón is a meditation on how Mirailles’ Mesa Ines Table can adapt

to various spaces. The project was inspired by the designer’s own words 

The table responds to a concept of repetition and constant transformation.

We played with the different combinations and compositions the table

could provide the viewers through a series of visuals. It can morp into

a bird, a piano, a plane… depending on its surroundings, also highlighting

the Ines Table’s quality of mobility.

Our process was guided by intuition following locations we discovered

around the Universidad del Desarrollo campus in Santiago de Chile.

2019, a collaborative project between HEAD x UDD students :

Valentine Clot, Fatou Dravé, Consuelo Vildosola and Daniela Casanova.

Workshop led by Javier F. Contreras and Simon Husslein,

from HEAD’s Interior Architecture program